French-Moroccan activist Latifa Ibn Zyaten granted the Zayed Award for Human Fraternity

French-Moroccan activist Latifa Ibn Zyaten. / DR
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The United Arab Emirates Higher Committee of Human Fraternity granted, on Wednesday, the Zayed Award for Human Fraternity 2021 edition to French-Moroccan activist in the social and humanitarian fields, Latifa Ibn Zyaten.

The Higher Committee underlined, in a press release, that the choice of the jury for the activist Ibn Zyaten comes as a reward for the great works carried out and the influential and effective initiatives she has taken and which are in accordance with the values and principles stipulated in the Document on Human Fraternity, which is the main criterion for awarding the Prize.

The Higher Committee noted that Ibn Zyaten, who is one of the «most active and influential figures in the field of countering extremism, has dedicated her life to raising awareness of religious intolerance, following the loss of her son Imad in a terrorist attack in 2012. Latifa has since become a civil rights activist, known in France and abroad. She works with families and communities to prevent young people from falling into the trap of extremism, and strives to spread peace and promote a culture of dialogue and mutual respect».

The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity will organize, on Thursday evening, at the Sheikh Zayed Founder's Memorial in Abu Dhabi, a ceremony in honor of the recipients, which will be broadcast live on the Internet.

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