Government working to achieve economic recovery in parallel with fight against Covid-19

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Head of Government Saadeddine El Otmani, affirmed that the government is working, in parallel with the fight against the pandemic of the new coronavirus, to achieve economic recovery in its various projects, in particular through support for public and private investment.

In a speech during the Governing Council, El Otmani discussed the second meeting of the ministerial steering committee for the reform of regional investment centers (CRIs), in charge of monitoring the operation of these Centers and examining the processing of appeals received from investors whose files have been rejected at the level of the regional investment commissions.

The Head of Government underlined that the year 2019 witnessed the completion of all the measures necessary for the implementation of this reform.

He underlined that the first year of work under the new system had made it possible to post very encouraging results, thanks in particular to the positive and important development of a set of indicators linked, in particular, to the multiplication of meetings of the CRUI, the number of which reached 700 meetings in 2020, at the rate of 5 meetings per month for each region, and the reduction in the rate of file processing, which is 27 days instead of more than 100 days over the past years, as well as the notable increase in the number of cases processed to over 3,200 cases, of which more than 68% have been approved.

El Otmani explained that out of a total of 1,009 unapproved files, 28% of them were approved after a request for review from the investors concerned, while five investors sent their appeal to the ministerial steering committee, indicating that the increase in the digitization rate of the various operations linked to the IRCs and to the regional investment commissions will make it possible to strengthen these results, mainly after the adoption this year of the digital platform CRI Invest, which allows electronic processing of cases as well as the simplification of review and appeal procedures, while making sure to process files and inform those concerned within the set deadlines.

El Otmani also noted with satisfaction the good development of the national vaccination campaign against Covid-19, launched last week by King Mohammed VI, affirming that the indicators linked to the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country show a relative control of the pandemic, thanks to the efforts made by the Kingdom under the insightful leadership of HM the King.

To this end, he said that the number of cases of contamination has decreased significantly and that the occupancy rate of intensive care beds reserved for Covid-19 cases has also decreased, from 34% to around 20% currently, adding that daily fatalities, which used to be high, have dropped significantly.

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