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Three minors and a man die off Dakhla while trying to reach the Canary Islands

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Spanish NGO Caminando Fronteras announced, Sunday, that three sub-Saharan minors and a young man died while trying to reach the Canary Islands. On her Twitter account, the president Caminando Fronteras, Helena Maleno recalled that after spending almost seven days at sea, the boat was rescued on Saturday by the Royal Moroccan Navy.

The boat, which left Dakhla on Sunday January 31, bound for the Canary Islands, was carrying 39 people, including 5 minors. 35 of them were Sub-Saharans and 4 were Moroccan. Three Sub-Saharan minors and a young man were found dead. The thirst and the cold to which they were exposed while crossing the Atlantic Ocean would have caused their death.

Helena Maleno recalled that the Canary Islands route is currently one of the most dangerous migratory route in the world and that many deaths occur there. She also underlinesd that the collaboration between the two countries, Spain and Morocco, and the strengthening of the emergency services can help prevent these deaths. 

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