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Morocco : Five arrested in Agadir for alleged ties to a drug trafficking network

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The national brigade of the judicial police (BNPJ), in coordination with the prefectoral service of the judicial police of the city of Agadir, arrested five individuals on Friday for alleged links with a criminal network active in the trafficking of drugs and psychotropic substances.

This operation was conducted on the basis of precise information provided by the services of the General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance (DGST), National Police (DGSN) said in a statement.

Two of the suspects were arrested red handed at a rest area on the highway in the Sidi Bouathmane region while they were delivering a shipment of drugs to three individuals in a car, according to the same source.

Search operations conducted in this case resulted in the seizure of eight packages of cannabis resin weighing approximately 189 kilograms and of three cars allegedly used to carry and distribute the seized drugs.

The defendants, aged 29 to 34, were placed in police custody at the disposal of the investigation conducted under the supervision of the competent prosecutor's office in order to determine the possible ramifications of this criminal activity and all the charges held against the individuals arrested.

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