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Former Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero urges Sahrawis to be realistic

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The Sahrawi Peace Movement commemorated its first anniversary by organizing an online conference on Wednesday, April 21 in Laayoune. Former Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was once again the special guest of the event.

On this occasion, he urged Sahrawis to favor a «realistic» political solution, arguing that «the policy, if it is not realistic, it is something else, perhaps a dream or a destructive utopia», reports EFE news agency.

«Peace is an agreement, it is giving in, admitting that you are never quite right [because] it is almost always true that the program in its entirety is not the best alternative», he said. He added that «forty-five years after the start of the war in the Sahara, an unequivocal understanding is necessary between those who led the conflict».

Zapatero is a regular at meetings of the Sahrawi Movement for Peace. He had already taken part in its first congress organized on October 3 in Laayoune and Dakhla. Since Zapatero left the Spanish political scene in 2011, he has been an advocate for Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara and for the rapprochement between Rabat and Madrid. 

He had contributed, alongside other speakers, to pave the way for Pedro Sanchez to make his first official trip to Morocco in November 2018, after waiting six months for the approval of the Moroccan authorities.

The former head of the Spanish government had already participated in the 2015 edition of the Crans Montana Forum in Dakhla.

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