Morocco to exceed 52% of its energy mix in 2030

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Morocco will exceed 52% of its energy mix in 2030, said, on Tuesday, Energy, Mining and Environment Minister Aziz Rabbah.

The minister, who was answering a question on the opportunities of the energy transition in Morocco after the Covid-19 pandemic, presented by the Justice and Development group at the house of advisors, said that the Kingdom will exceed 52% of its energy mix in 2030, estimating that this figure could be reached before 2026, despite the delay that occurred during a previous period.

He announced on this occasion that the 2021-2030 electricity system is based entirely on renewable energy and a reduced rate of gas.

A roadmap has been developed for hydrogen, a promising energy for Morocco which will receive significant investments in this area, he added, indicating that a roadmap for bio-energy, the orientation towards industrialization and scientific research has also been developed.

The minister affirmed that the next decade will be that of renewable and clean energy, noting that the government is supporting this large-scale project through the adoption of laws and the implementation of projects and initiatives at different levels.

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