Morocco’s national railways launches new station construction in Rabat

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The National Railways Office (ONCF) announced today the start of two major projects in Rabat: a new station in the Riad district and the resumption of work on the Rabat Medina station. This aligns with the «Rabat, City of Lights» project and aims to modernize railway stations and enhance passenger experience.

The strategic Riad station will connect the two banks of Nakhil Street and Hassan II Avenue, near the Prince Moulay Abdullah Sports Complex. Equipped with amenities like parking and shops, it will be operational for the 2025 African Cup of Nations finals.

Construction of the Rabat Medina station complex, halted due to technical and pandemic constraints, has resumed. Preparatory works began in December 2023, followed by construction with a new external architectural concept.

The delay enabled a heritage impact study for this UNESCO-listed building. The revised architectural vision, particularly the glass roof, aims for better integration with the surrounding «Art Deco» style.

With logistical, technical, and security measures in place, ONCF ensures minimal disruption to existing train operations while progressing construction. This project reiterates their commitment to sustainable, smart, and high-value mobility solutions.

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