A Moroccan among New Africa’s list of leading African women

(with MAP)
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The New Africa magazine has recognized 100 exceptional African women for 2023, including Chams Doha Alaoui Ismaili, Secretary-General of the General Arab Women's Union and member of the National Union of Moroccan Women's Executive Office.

«We celebrate the achievements of women who have broken barriers and become pioneers, leaders, and innovators», the Nigerian magazine stated, highlighting their «tangible impact in shaping Africa's progress».

The article emphasizes the vital role these women play across various sectors, from «dazzling scientific advancements» to «transformational business leadership» and «shifting narratives». Their dedication and commitment are deemed «inspiring positive changes in Africa» and serve as «beacons of progress».

Beyond honoring individual achievements, the magazine underscores the importance of fostering an environment of «diversity, equality, and inclusion», paving the way for «every woman in Africa to grow, prosper, and make a tangible contribution».

The inclusion of these exceptional women, the magazine concludes, demonstrates the «unlimited potential residing in the hearts and minds of women across the continent».

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