Morocco dismantles international car trafficking network, arrests 16 suspects

(with MAP)
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On Saturday morning, police in Nador arrested sixteen suspects involved in a criminal network specializing in international trafficking of stolen cars, forgery, and the use of forged documents.

This security operation, conducted in several rural localities near Nador, Driouch, and Ben Tayeb, led to the arrest of the suspects for their alleged involvement in falsifying documents, serial numbers, and license plates. The suspects are accused of selling stolen cars to criminal networks, according to a security source.

Searches of the suspects' depots resulted in the seizure of 69 vehicles of various makes and models, along with false number plates, 220 engines, spare parts, keys, documents, and vehicle manufacturer plates.

Authorities also seized three shotguns, 33 rounds of ammunition, computers, cell phones, data storage equipment, printers, and equipment used to falsify license plates. Additionally, sums of money in both foreign and domestic currencies were confiscated, suspected to be proceeds from this criminal activity.

A check of the suspects against the Sûreté Nationale database revealed that one of them was wanted nationwide on multiple search warrants issued by the judicial police and the Royal Gendarmerie in Laâyoune, Agadir, and Nador, all in connection with international trafficking in stolen cars.

The suspects are currently under judicial investigation supervised by the competent public prosecutor's office. The investigation aims to determine the full extent of this criminal activity and apprehend any remaining accomplices.

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