Yalla Morocco : New discount card for train travel in Morocco

(with MAP)
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The Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) has announced the launch of a vast multimedia communication campaign, in partnership with the National Railways Office (ONCF).

The ONCF will be marketing up to 350,000 tickets at attractive prices, starting at 89 DH for the Al Boraq high-speed lines (LGV) and 49 DH for the Atlas trains. Additionally, the two partners have launched a discount card called Yalla Morocco, offering a 30% discount on all travel on Atlas and Al Boraq trains, to encourage domestic tourism.

For a more targeted deployment of the campaign, the ONMT will mainly use digital channels, featuring four celebrities and influencers: Samia Akariou, Oussama Ramzi, Rachid Ghaoudi, and Zineb Obeid.

This operation builds on a partnership initiated in 2021 with ONCF, which aims to meet the needs of local tourists by capitalizing on ONCF's extensive rail network and encouraging Moroccans to travel to tourist destinations within the country.

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