Two more Saharawis seek asylum in Spain during Madrid stopover

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Following the case of Youssef El Mahmoudi, who identifies as a «Saharawi activist», two other Sahrawis applied for political asylum in Spain on Monday, July 8th, at Madrid's Barajas airport. They were traveling from French Guiana to Casablanca with a layover in Madrid, where they seized the opportunity to submit their asylum applications, according to Spanish media.

These applications will first be reviewed by the Sub-Directorate of Borders under the Ministry of the Interior, and subsequently by the Asylum and Refugee Office. A decision is anticipated within the next two days. If their applications are rejected, the two Sahrawis can rely on the support of lawyers and NGOs aligned with the Polisario to appeal their case in Spanish courts. There is also potential support from a member of Pedro Sánchez's government on their behalf.

Moreover, Youssef El Mahmoudi's deportation order has been temporarily halted following a letter from Sira Rego, Minister for Youth and Children from the United Left, to her colleague in the Interior Ministry, Fernando Grande-Marlaska of the PSOE.

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