King Mohammed VI ousts Prime Minister Benkirane

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In a communiqué released by the royal cabinet yesterday evening, Abdelilah Benkirane the head of the Justice and Development party was replaced in an attempt to allow another member of his party to form the government.

The king’s decision, according to the same source, came after «the absence of signs that suggest an imminent formation» of a government and due to his concerns about «overcoming the current blockage». The royal statement did not say who he would name to replace Benkirane.

2 days after the results of the 2016 elections held in September, the king appointed Abdelilah Benkirane and entrusted him with the task of forming the government. Benkirane’s party that won 125 seats in the parliament, failed to maintain talks with other parties and the formation of a government stalled out.

As a result, Benkirane’s pointless endeavors to form a government created concerns over the country’s economy. Speaking to Benkirane commented on the king’s decision saying : «This is our king and he came to a decision under the framework of the constitution, which i've always expressed support for,» and he added expressing his acceptance :

«I'm going to perform ablution, pray, and continue working on the ground.»

On another hand, Benkirane called members of the PJD not to comment on the royal statement. His call was published yesterday on the party’s website.

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