The king appoints Saadeddine Othmani Prime Minister

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The king Mohammed VI received Saadeddine Othmani friday afternoon in the royal palace in Casablanca. During this visit the king appointed the justice and development member Prime Minister and entrusted him with the task of forming a government. A communiqué of the ministry of the royal house, of protocol and chancellery confirmed the information.

The nomination of El Othmani came after, the king dismissed on Wednesday the ex-prime minister Abdelilah Benkirane. This latter failed after five months of being appointed as prime minister to form a government.

Previously served as a minister of Foreign affairs from January 2012 to October 2013, Saadeddine Othmani is a psychiatrist and a political militant in the justice and development party. He was held the leadership of the justice and development party in 2004.

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