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Netherlands : Khadija Arib reelected president of the Dutch House of Representatives

Khadija Arib president of the Dutch Lower Chamber of Parlimanet
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The Moroccan-Dutch Politician of the Labour Party, Khadija Arib, was named yesterday Wednesday 29th of March president of the lower house of the Dutch parliament.

According to Netherlands times newspaper, Arib was appointed president of the lower chamber for the second time in a row, «Parliamentarians could present themselves as candidate for the presidency ; Arib was the only one to do so». 

The Moroccan politician has been a member of the Dutch parliament since May 1998. She was appointed in January 2016 chairman of the Dutch lower chamber of the Parliament after obtaining 83 votes and winning against her (VVD) opponent Ton Elias.

Khadija Arib was born in Casablanca and moved to the Netherlands when she was 15. The Moroccan activist, studied sociology at the University of Amsterdam and served after that as an educator and social worker.

According to the Moroccan-Dutch parliamentarian was highly criticized for her dual citizenship. She showed interest in matters of racism, discrimination and women’s abuse. She is also the founding member and president of the Moroccan women in the Netherlands Foundation.

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