Head of the Polisario front calls for the release of Gdim Izik prisoners

Brahim Ghali, head of the Polisario Front./Ph.DR
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After sending a first letter to the United Nations Secretary General on Wednesday 29th of March in which he stated the front’s intentions to collaborate with the supranational entity, Brahim Ghali wrote on Tuesday 4th of April a second letter in to call for the release of the Gdim Izik prisoners.

Brahim Ghali claims in his letter that the prisoners held responsible for the 2010 events in Gdim Izik were «innocent». He  stated in the letter published in the front’s official website, that these prisoners «are Saharawi civilians of a territory under the responsibility of the UN». Ghali also asked the UN to interfere and put an end to what he called «mere injustice» asking for «the immediate release of the group of Gdim Izik and all prisoners languishing in Moroccan prisons».

The leader of the Polisario front declared in the same letter, that the trial which was postponed three times by the Moroccan authorities «takes place under intimidating circumstances». He also added that «the trial of the group of Gdim Izik before a civil or military court is illegal because these victims are... awaiting decolonization through a referendum under the auspices of the United Nations and the African Unity.» 

For the record, 24 individuals were accused of killing 11 and injuring 70 people in 2010. The Military Court of Rabat sentenced the accused in 2013 to jail terms ranging from 20 years to life imprisonment. This trial was eventually condemned by international NGOs and was later ordered by the Court of cassation to be held in a civilian court. In March 2017, the Court of Appeal in Sale resumed the trial of the 25 accused.

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