Mounirs Marokko, a Dutch TV show to honor the Moroccan cuisine

Mounir Toub, a Dutchman of Moroccan descent who is determined to exhibit the Moroccan cuisine through a new TV show. The Chef will make the audience of 24Kitchen, a Dutch TV channel, discover the authenticity of Moroccan food.

Mounir Toub a Dutch-Moroccan cook./Ph. Mounir Toub
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Mounirs Marokko, a new Dutch cooking show hosted by Mounir Toub is about to honor the Moroccan cuisine. It is a «delicious adventure» that was carried by the Dutch chef originally from Tangier and Sefrou. The show will explore the originality of Moroccan food by introducing the specificialties of the country and its most succulent dishes.

Mounir’s adventure started in Tangier where he visited the city’s markets and had the chance to meet food aficionados. Tajines, harcha and mssemen are all part of Mounir’s trip which provided it with a tasty and authentic atmosphere. Mounir will next visit Tetouan, Chefchaouen, Fes and Hermoumou to discover the Moroccan cultural and cullinary legacy. Interviewed by Dutch TV channel 24Kitchen, the chef describes the happiness he felt while shooting the show in the Kingdom :

«It was heartwarming to meet and cook with all these people. Their hospitality and passion for good food was touching, Amina who invited me to her place and taught me how to cook the traditional Moroccan soup bissara and Hassan who showed me how to make nougat. Honestly, the people I met have touched my heart and my love for Morocco and for the Moroccan cuisine has grown further because of them.»

Childhood memories

Father of three kids, the 39 year-old cook was born and raised in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. He thinks that the yearly trips that he used to go on with his family to Morocco were not enough to learn about the heritage of this country. «During those visits, we were busy meeting family which did not allow me to discover the culinary treasures and the cultural richness of Morocco», Mounir told the TV channel.

«This program is a culinary voyage that would introduce the audience to the richness of the Moroccan cuisine and the beauty of the country and its people.»

Mounir was fascinated by his mother, Saadia (62), who made him fall in love with the art of cooking. Since his childhood, he helped his mother with preparing every meal. He revealed himself as a successful cook after working in a restaurant in south Netherlands and collaborating with Cheffe Margo Reuten and Eugene Swaelen.

The young cook was able to accumulate expertise in the hospitality sector and managed to create his own style when it comes to cooking. «Cooking voices love. Don’t lose the person who spends time cooking for you with love because that person loves you truly»said Mounir on his official website.

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