Moroccans living abroad : A go-to clientele for the Moroccan online banking sector

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«Moroccans living abroad are also meant to be clients of e-banking», Driss Maghraoui, the executive director of distribution of products at Attijariwafabank claimed on Friday morning at a conference organized to present L’bankalik project.

Launched a few months ago, L’bankalik is a «100% mobile banking model» that is free for use and user-friendly. Answering to a question asked by Yabiladi during the conference, Driss Maghraoui confirmed that the Moroccan diaspora fits perfectly the concept that the bank is offering. As a matter of fact, the benefits of online banking would help Moroccans in general and would allow those who are living abroad to run their financial transactions simply and remotely.

According to Maghraoui, the bank is trying to develop its services and processes in order to meet the needs of Moroccans living abroad.

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