The first Moroccan designers to open a shop in Beverly Hills

Hicham Bensliman, and Majida Housni owners of Royal Legacy./Ph. News Los Angeles
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Le Matin, a Moroccan daily newspaper, introduces them as «the first designers of Arab descent to leave a significant impact in the world of fashion in the USA». Indeed, Hicham Benslimane and Majida Housni, both of Moroccan origin, have just opened a store on Rodeo Drive, in the heart of world-famous Beverly Hills.

Introducing Arab world styles to the West, such is the ambitious goal of the young stylists. After creating their own international fashion house, the «Royal Legacy», they intend to release their first collection in May 2017.

«This first collection will have a unique concept and will include both couture and ready to wear fashion items, making it an ideal place for world-class celebrities», indicates the fashion brand in a communiqué. «The Arabic style has existed for hundreds of years. Its design represents ideologies preceding even religions; and we want everyone, celebrities included, to discover our Arabic style which is both mysterious and elegant», Hicham and Majida explain.

The pair's adventure started in Paris where they studied couture then they moved to Miami and eventually to Los Angeles. Hicham Benslimane has accumulated seven years of experience in the fashion industry while Majida made a living as a fashion and brand consultant in Dubai.

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