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Ireland : A Moroccan and Algerian arrested in connection with ISIS money laundering

Garda counter terrorisl international unit arrested a Moroccand and an Algerian for terror offences in Dublin./Ph. DR
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Two men one Moroccan and one Algerian were arrested yesterday 8th May in Dublin, Ireland by the members of the Garda’s counter terrorism international unit. The suspects are accused of laundering money for the terrorist group ISIS using Irish bank accounts, SundayWorld reports.

The Irish times, on the other hand, indicated on Tuesday that the Moroccan national suspect was released «without charge» whereas the Algerian was kept in custody over links to terrorist activity.  

«On the 8th of May 2017, a male Algerian national and a male Moroccan national in their 30s and 40s were arrested in the Dublin area for offences pursuant to The Terrorist Offences Act 2015 as amended by members of the Counter Terrorism International Unit», a Garda spokesman stated yesterday.

The alleged terrorists have been detained at the Blackrock Garda station following a long-term investigation to which international police agencies have contributed. They have been suspected of financing the Islamic State by sending money through Irish accounts.

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