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Netherlands : Moroccan gay man comes out in a Dutch documentary

Nassiri, one of the four Moroccan gay men who came out about being homosexual in a Dutch documentary./Ph.
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Composed of three segments, a Dutch documentary entitled «Familie, geloof en hoop» (Family, faith and hope) contained declarations by 4 Moroccan gay men.

Faced with shame and pressured by his family, Nassiri, one of the 4 participants who came out about being gay spoke to, a Dutch website, about «the pain he went through during 25 years before being able to reveal his sexual identity».

Spending years «of loneliness and depression», he stated, «people find it easy to judge others without getting to know them».

He also mentioned his extensive research on the compatibility of Homosexuality and Islam. «People interpret Koranic verses wrongly. They should first conduct research to understand what they are talking about», he argued. Today, Nassiri is not scared anymore of what the Moroccan community living in the Netherlands would think of him, the same source reports.

Nassiri was one of the militants that participated last year to the gay pride boat event. The documentary was split into three segments that will be broadcasted on Sundays the 7th, 14th, 21st of May 2017 at 14.55 PM on NPO 2, a Dutch TV channel.

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