World Cup 2026 : FiFa refuses Morocco’s joint bid with Spain

Morocco' joint bid to host the world cup is refused./Ph. DR
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FIFA refused the joint bid suggested by Morocco and Spain to organize the 2026 World Cup, the idea that both countries were working on, and in which they also wanted to integrate Portugal, reports.

The organization did not accept Morocco’s bid because the two countries do not belong to the same continent giving the fact that the two next World Cups will be held in Russia (2018) and Qatar (2022) and in America or Africa eventually in 2026.

The same source insists that the United States, Mexico and Canada have also offered to co-host the World Cup. A joint-hosted bid presented by two countries from different continents has never been made.

Speaking to the BBC, Mustapha Hadji, the Moroccan football player explained that : «Morocco is the best country in Africa to host this big tournament, if you see the country you will know it is very touristy, the hospitality is absolutely fantastic» , adding that «in the summer it would be a great time to organize a tournament, with Spain and Portugal. Spain, Portugal and Morocco, we are like neighbors». indicates that Ivory Coast is the only country that is willing to help Morocco which has already made four unsuccessful bids to host the World Cup. For the record, FIFA has allowed a joint-hosted cup only once in 2002 when Japan South Korea co-organized the cup.

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