Al Hoceima : The Minister of State in Charge of Human Rights remains prudent

Mustapha Ramid Minister of State in Charge of Human Rights./Ph. Le Desk
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Interviewed by Al3omk, an online newspaper close to the PJD, the Minister of State in Charge of Human Rights, Mustapha Ramid preferred to remain prudent when asked about the situation in the Rif region explaining that : «he can not approach the subject until he gets sufficient pieces of information on the matter».

The Minister promised to give his opinion once he fully gets the nature of the events that are currently taking place in Al Hociema city. Very careful, Ramid explained that his «mission is to address things on the basis of information and sufficient data».

The Minister's position goes hand in hand with the government's one. As the latter refuses to comment on the wave of protests shaking the Northern region of the country and to answer the questions asked by the deputies.

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