London’s Attack : The mother of the third attacker speaks to Italian media

The house of Valeria C, the mother of Youssef Zaghba, in Fagnano di Valsamoggia, Italy./Ph. Lapresse
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The Mother of Youssef Zaghba, the third suspect identified after the london’s attack, lives in a small town called Fagnano di Valsamoggia near Bologna, Italy. Valeria C, interviewed by Italian media has given her version of the story concerning her son Youssef. She declared as stated by Corriere Della Sera : «So My son has chosen hate».

According to her, the Italian mother couldn’t reach her son over the phone since Friday. Her Husband Mohammed has warned her that Youssef is not answering his phone. Very worried, she asked his friends residing in London to look for Youssef Zaghba. Later on, she learned about the death of her son on Tuesday morning.

Valeria C is a catholic who converted to Islam 26 years ago, she worked hard on assisting her son’s friends and entourage. For her, the internet played a major role in changing her son’s ideas and turning him into an extremist. «He was never influenced by his friends neither in Italy nor in Morocco when he was studying IT at the University of Fes», said Valeria to the same source.

Their last conversation took place on Thursday  : «I realized that he was bedding me farewell. Although I did not say anything in particular but I felt that in his voice», the mother recalls. She mentioned that they were laughing about Ramadan in London.

«I understand and share the choice of the Imams who refuse to organize a Muslim funeral for my son. It is a way of sending a message to the victims’ families», Valeria concluded.

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