«Hirak» : The European Coordination calls Rifains living abroad to boycott Moroccan banks

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After only three weeks of its creation, the European coordination in solidarity with the protests movement in Al Hoceima has called Moroccans living abroad especially those who are originally from the Rif region to boycott the Moroccan banks. The organization is asking them to withdraw their assets deposited in the Moroccan banks until «all the demands asked by the protesters are realized and a meeting is set with the representatives of the popular Hirak», it indicates in a statement .

A message that goes hand in hand with the one launched a few months ago by the «18 September Rif independence movement». Another point that showcases the influence of the association, based in the Netherlands and sponsored by Said Chaou, on the European Coordination and other groups of the «Mobilization».

The Movement had indeed established a long list of Moroccan companies operating in the banking, transport and distribution sectors that the inhabitants of the Rif are supposed to boycott.

This Ramadan, active internet users had invited the inhabitants of Al Hoceima on social media to avoid buying the food products of the supermarkets of the chain Marjane which opened during the general strike of three days launched by the leaders of the «Hirak».

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