Algeria : A sit-in in Béjaïa to support the «Hirak»

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Algeria is not indifferent to the events happening in the northern region of Morocco lately. On Tuesday, a sit-in will be held in Béjaïa «Kabylie region» at 10 pm in Said Mekbel square to support the wave of demonstrations that is taking place in Al Hoceima, Algerie Part, online newspaper reports.

The demonstration is organized by a group of activists and civil society movements. Teachers, syndicates, the singer Agraw Boudjma, and journalists, headed by Djamel Alilat a reporter for Alwatan who was deported recently from Morocco will gather in the city that is 180KM away from the Algerian capital.

The same source indicates that participants will call the Moroccan authorities to free the detainees, and respond to the social and economic demands raised by the inhabitants of the Rif region all while respecting individual freedom. Organizers of this sit in will also insist on «the importance of supporting Rifain protesters».

Lately, a number of manifestations took place in several cities around the world. Last weekend, thousands of protesters gathered in the Hague, Netherlands to back the «Hirak» movement in the Rif region. In Morocco, and most precisely Rabat thousands of people took the streets to denounce corruption and support the wave of manifestations that have shaken the region of Al Hoceima for more than 7 months.

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