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Grenfell Tower : A Moroccan man missing after being trapped in his 23rd-floor apartment

Survivors were forced onto the streets after the fire destroyed their homes./Ph. DR
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Two brothers living in the 23rd floor of the Grenfell tower were on the phone with their father just a few hours after he went missing. According to Sunday Express, Abdel Salam who is believed to be Moroccan was trapped in his apartment when the fire broke out.

«The pensioner was speaking to his two sons on the phone as they made their way home from the Al Manar mosque», the same source reports. Abdel Salam is a 75-year-old retired man who lived with his two sons.

«as the siblings noticed the blaze upon their arrival, they heard their father struggle to breathe and move», Sunday Express indicates adding that they spoke to Abdel Salam on the phone when the Tower engulfed.

Speaking to the same source, Mohammed Lariche, 44, who knew Abdel Salam stated that : «His sons had been to the mosque and they had seen the fire at about 1.30am. They called Abdel and he said to them, 'I can't breathe, I can't move’. He was in the flat on the 23rd floor on his own, he was overcome».

Describing the missing father of two, Lariche said that he is «a short old man with a long beard. He used to visit the mosque and was well known in the community.»

Idris Wagdi, who is also a friend of Abdel Salam confirmed that he was «a leader of the community», ensuring that «Abdel had lived in this area for more than 40 years after moving from Morocco».

For the record, 7 Moroccan nationals were killed in the fire that destroyed the Grenfell Tower in London according to the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Last updates indicate, according to the Telegraph, that the «police fear the death toll from the Grenfell Tower fire will rise to more than 58.»

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