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A «highly radicalized» Moroccan national arrested in Spain

Police lead away a suspect from an apartment block during a raid in which they arrested a 32-year-old Moroccan they said was 'highly radicalised', in Madrid, June 21, 2017. REUTERS/Juan Medina
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A 32-year-old Moroccan national was arrested on Tuesday 20th of June in a raid conducted by Spanish police in central Madrid, Reuters reports. The suspect is believed to be «highly radicalized» as the police found in his apartment «a large collection of extreme Islamist material including a manual for suicide bombers», the government said.

The Spanish Ministry of Interior announced in a statement, as indicated by Reuters, that two other Moroccans aged 38 and 33 and who live with the first detainee were also arrested.

The same source adds that the alleged terrorist «had an extremely dangerous profile, similar to that of those who carried out recent attacks in Britain and France». The Spanish government also said that he attempted to recruit militants to carry an attack in Spain.

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