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Saudi Arabia : King Mohammed VI congratulates  the new Crown Prince

Crown Prince Mohamed Ben Salmane./Ph. DR
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King Mohammed VI has congratulated the new Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed Ben Salmane on his recent elevation as next in line to the throne. The Sovreign wished the 31-year old man and the Saudi kingdom «success in fulfilling his high responsibilities».

King Mohammed VI said he was «convinced that with his noble human qualities, great competence and sincere patriotism, His Royal Highness Mohamed Ben Salmane Ben Abdelaziz will be the best support for the Servant of the two Holy Places for the pursuit of his Praiseworthy efforts in the service of the supreme interests of the brotherly Saudi people and the triumph of the just causes of the Arab and Islamic Ummah».

Saudi Arabia’s king Salmane removed his nephew as Crown Prince in favor of his son, Mohamed Ben Salman, who was already serving as the country’s defense Minister.

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