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Hirak : NGOs denounce violation of human rights

A manifestation held before the Parliament in Rabat. / Ph. AIC PRESS
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In the Rif, the Hirak movement continues to grow, resulting in daily demonstrations to make its claims heard. Marches were often face with  «repression» for some twenty Moroccan associations, according to AFP. Indeed, the Moroccan coalition of human rights has 22 associations which, in a report, have denounced violation of human rights. And for them, the popular and peaceful movement is experiencing «arbitrary arrests» and «cases of torture».

For the record, since the end of May the arrests of the protesters have not stopped, including that of Nasser Zefzafi, leader of the Hirak movement. The associations went to investigate the matter and announced that «the number of people arrested since the end of May has reached 135, including seven journalists». They also stated that «25 young people were sentenced On June the 14th to 18 months prison» but that this happened after they «... signed a verbal 'threatening' statement». 

Finally, the NGOs denounce the «excessive» use of force by the authorities, in particular with «batons» and «tear gas bombs». Facts that the Department of Justice have denied.