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Mostapha Romli denounces underage marriage in Los Angeles

Mostapha Romli, a Moroccan artist invited to present his works of art in the Building Bridges in Los Angeles, USA./Ph. DR
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Known mainly for his exhibition «Jihad al-nikah», presented in Osaka and Tokyo in Japan, Mostapha Romli, a Moroccan visual artist, was invited by the Building Bridges Foundation in Los Angeles to present his new work.

A project that denounces underage marriage, «it tackles frankly another uprising problem», the artist said in a statement sent to Yabiladi. Indeed, this new exhibition entitled «20-21» refers directly to the two articles of the Moudawana, which allow underage marriage. Thus, between 2004 and 2014 «more than 102,000 underage girls were married».

Through this exhibition, which ended on June 20th, the Moroccan denounces this practice in an «original» approach and anchored by a journey of progress. «The first is memory and spreads from a glance to the colonial postcard that was once dedicated to the portraits of Moroccan girls. The second is contemporary because it questions, here and now, the uprising phenomenon of underage marriage», recalls the communiqué.

For the record, the native of Touissit (Oriental region) works also as director of La Residence s’Artistes Ifitry and Secretary General of the Biennale Internationale of Casablanca.

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