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Laayoune : Aminatou Haidar allowed to commemorate the death of Mohamed Abdelaziz

Mohamed Abdelaziz, former leader of the Polisario Front./Ph. DR
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Local authorities in Laayoune on Wednesday, 20th of june, authorized Polisario supporters to organize a conference held to commemorate the first anniversary of the death of Mohamed Abdelaziz.

The attendees, who took the stage that was decorated with the Front's flags to salute the memory of the former leader of the Front. Curiously, the presence of separatist movement's flag did not provoke the authorities. The same thing applies to a banner on which it was written «occupied Laayoune».

Aminatou Haidar, a great admirer of Mohamed Abdelaziz and president of the Codesa, did not miss the event. She even delivered a 15-minutes speech to pay tribute to the «martyrs» of the Polisario, according to her sayings.

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