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Hirak : El Mortada Iamrachen provisionally released

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The investigating judge and the president of the appeal’s court first chamber in Rabat decided on Thursday night to provisionally release El Mortada Iamarchen. A 2-page document provided by Abdelkader Chentouf indicates that the decision was taken after receiving a request from Iamrachen’s lawyer and based on a favorable opinion issued by the prosecutor.

The latter believes that granting the detained temporary release wouldn’t impact the procedure and that the suspect will be in a fixed address and he wouldn’t escape. The document also stresses the exceptional situation that triggered the decision which is namely the death of the detainee’s father. On Thursday, The father of the detained, Mortada Lamrachen passed away yesterday night. The deceased's has been in a critical condition after his son was arrested and transferred to the headquarters of the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) in Sale, where he spent eleven days in custody. He is being prosecuted for terrorism.

The investigating judge in charge of counter-terrorism affairs in the Court of Appeal ordered, on Tuesday, June the 20th, to «put the suspect in the local prison of the same city». The former Salafist and leading figure of the Hirak was auditioned during the preliminary investigation, the same source said.

A hearing is scheduled for the 10th of July. Iamrachen was arrested on the 10th of June in Al Hoceima and transferred to Rabat.

He arrived in Al Hoceima this Friday, where he attended his father's funeral, reports Le Desk, saying that Iamrachen's father will be buried in the cemetery of Ajdir after the Friday weekly prayers Which will be held at the Morobiajo mosque in Al Hoceima.

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