Netherlands : A manifestation to support the «Hiark» in Utrecht

A manifestation to support the Hirak in Utrecht, Netherlands./Ph.
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On Saturday, 24th of June at 3pm, 500 Dutch nationals of Moroccan descent gathered in Moreelsepark in Utrecht (50 km away fromAmsterdam) to support the Hirak movement, reports the Dutch online newspaper NU. The Mohcine Fikri Committee in the Netherlands organized the event. The latter is concerned about the fate of the demonstrators in the Rif region.

The participants demanded for releasing «the Hirak detainees» and putting an end of «the injustice in the Rif region», they also called to «strengthen international pressure» on the Moroccan government.

Since the beginning of June, the Netherlands have witnessed a number of marches that support the Hirak movement in Al Hoceima. The Dutch country is home to a large Rifain community : On June the 4th in Rotterdam, 17th of the same month in Amsterdam and on the 10th in the Hague.

For the record, a manifestation was held on Saturday 25th of June in Brussels to support the «Hirak», according to Blad Rif online newspaper, which reports that 50 000 people took the streets in several European countries

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