Belgian deputies call for the release of the Hirak detainees

Belgian deputies call for the release of the Hirak detainees./Ph. DR
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The Hirak movement is at the heart of a carte blanche written by four Belgian deputies namely, Marie Arena, a European deputy, Jamal Ikabza member of Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Fatiha Saidi, and Simone Susskind member of Brussels parliament. Parliamentarians called for the release of the political detainees, La Libre reports.

After having contextualized the protest movement that has been taking place for several months in the Rif region, MEPs consider it «normal» that citizens express their «right to receive health care, to work, to study and to express themselves freely», whereas it is 'the future of a region and a country'. «It is about ... respecting every citizen’s right to have hope in life.»

Relations between Morocco and the European Union are mentioned, as many agreements depend on the economic and social development of the region «in a climate of peace, security and stability in accordance with the fundamental principles of human rights», states the same source.

The deputies hope that «a step by the Moroccan authorities» will be taken regarding «the release of political detainees». This would be the first step towards renewing the dialogue and tackling the problems that are «undermining the region.»

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