UK : A Moroccan Imam arrested over links with ISIS in Birmingham

A Moroccan Imam arrested in the UK./Ph. DR
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Tarik Chadlioui is among the six people arrested in Europe yesterday at the request of the Spanish authorities. The Belg-Moroccan Imam is accused of maintaining links with the «Islamic State» and encouraging individuals to engage in jihad, the Birmingham Mail said. The accused appeared before the magistrates of Westminster court to start deportation procedure.

.According to the Daily Mail, the 43-year-old has a Belgian passport and lives in Birmingham with his family since 2015. He is suspected of having inspired Omar Mostefai, one of the terrorists of the Bataclan bombing on13th of November 2015 Paris.
The Spanish authorities believe that Tarik Chadlioui, the father of eight children, traveled back and forth from England clandestine meetings with jihadis recruited through the hateful sermons he has posted on YouTube and other social media. For him, Tarik Chadlioui said he sold perfumes in mosques and markets to support his family.

Benjamin Joyes, representing the Spanish authorities, said: «It is alleged that the requested person with several others as a member of an organization gave support to the terrorist organization Islamic State by means of propaganda and incitement of new members to join the organization». «He produced audio-visual material for the recruitment of jihadis on his YouTube channel for indoctrination and posted symbols and banners for Islamic State on social media». According to Birmingham Mail, a hearing will be held on July 5th.

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