Hirak: New verdicts pronounced by the Court of First Instance in Al Hoceima

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New verdicts were pronounced Thursday evening against the activists of the Hirak popular movement, reports this Friday the Arabic-language media Al Aoual.

The Al Hoceima Court of First Instance sentenced Mohamed El Hilali and Abdelouahed Kammouni to a total of 17 months of imprisonment for their participation to the Hirak.

The former is a journalist and editor of the electronic media Rif Press, continues Al Aoual. Mohamed El Hilali was sentenced to five months, while Abdelouahed Kammouni was sentenced to one year in prison.

The hearing began at 1:30 pm and lasted several hours. It was attended by 44 Hirak activists who were arrested on Monday 26thof June on the day of Aid El-Fitr. A second hearing will take place this Friday afternoon.

Al Aoual also recalls that five of these detainees were provisionally released. Moreover, the King’s prosecutor at the Court of First Instance in Al Hoceima decided not to prosecute four other people from Berkane. They had traveled to the capital of the Rif to participate in Al Aid's march in solidarity with the Hirak of Al Hoceima.

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