Arte is back to Hardzazat, a hardcore festival in the Middle of the desert

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The Hardzazat festival takes place annually in Ouarzazate. It is a cultural event that emanated from the 20 February movement. The public Franco-German TV network that promotes programming in the areas of culture and the arts was interested in understanding the origins of this festival in the middle of the desert.

To describe the DIY spirit of the cultural rendezvous: «Youngsters, culturally nourished by the arrival of the Internet, seek to create opportunities for themselves by playing and listening to the music they like... For this to exist, we must work hard,» says Arte.

Aimane Douraidi, founder of Hardzazat, recalled his years as a student in Ouarzazate, where he had noticed the «lack of cultural event in  the city». At the very beginning, according to Casablancais, «the idea was to organize a concert, then two, and it became a festival,» said the young man to the same source. Now the festival is in its third edition, the latest of which took place in March 2017.

Svink gives a helping hand to the festival from France and organizes «evenings of support that allow French groups to pay the trip to Morocco». According to him, «a lot of energy» and «emulation» are felt in Ouarzazate with a «will to create things».

The 2017 edition of Hardzazat was blocked by the local authorities which prevented it from taking place at the social educational complex Mohammed V in Ouarzazate. The organizers did not give up and found a hostel where they organized their concerts.

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