Morocco, the first non EU country visited by Spanish tourists

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Morocco is the first country visited by Spanish nationals outside the European Union, according to a report released by Eurostat, and reported by the Spanish newspaper El Economista. In 2015, tourists from the Iberian neighbor made 14.2% of their stays in the kingdom.

After Morocco, comes the United States, which hosted  7.5% of Spanish tourists, while Andorra, which is geographically under the sovereignty of the Eeuropean Union welcomed  5% of them.

Like Spain, Belgian tourists made Morocco their main destination,16.9%of their trips were to the kingdom. Turkey accounts for 14.5% of their trips, compared with 8.2% for the United States.

Similarly, stays of French holiday-makers outside the EU represent 7.4%. A percentage divided between the United States (11.2%), Morocco (7.7%) and Canada (4.7%).

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