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11 people sentenced to 20 years for terrorism plot

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The criminal court of first instance in charge of terrorism-related cases pronounced, on Thursday evening, sentences ranging from 5 to 20 years in prison, against 11 defendants. The convicts were linked to terrorism cases.

The chamber thus sentenced the main accused to 20 years in prison, and 18 years in prison for two other defendants, 10 years to 5 and five years in prison for the rest. The accused are charged for «organizing a gang and preparing for terrorist acts as part of a collective project aiming at undermining public order», they were also accused of «carrying weapons, bombs and advocating terrorist acts».

The police said in a statement that it had been able to dismantle the cell in September 2015. The latter was operating in several cities in the kingdom and planned destructive plans to seriously undermine public order. The members of this cell, dubbed «Jund Al-Khilafa in Morocco» (soldiers of the caliphate in Morocco), allied with the terrorist group of called «ISIS».

The Chamber also sentenced, in another case, to two years in prison three other accused. The charge is «organizing a gang and preparing terrorist acts, incitement and apology for acts constituting a terrorist crime.»

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