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Paris : Nadia Skali receives the medal of the Academic Society Arts-sciences-letters

Nadia Skali awarded by la Société académique Arts-sciences-lettres./Ph. DR
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Moroccan painter Nadia Skali recently received in Paris the medal of the Academic Society Arts-sciences-letters, in recognition of her distinguished artistic career.

«It is a dream that came true for me, knowing that since its creation in 1915 this Academy has devoted eminent creators in the fields of arts, science and literature», declared the artist Nadia Skali during this occasion, adding that she is very proud of being recognized by such a prestigious institution.

Through her work, the artist succeeded in transmitting her emotions which she brings out in impressionist forms on glass, capturing the beauty of reality, through shimmering colors that symbolize for her inner peace and discretion.

The purpose of the Société académique Arts-sciences-lettres is to acknowledge and promote women and men who, through their talent and their work, contribute to the promotion of culture in the artistic, literary and scientific fields.

Each year, Arts-Sciences-lettres awards diplomas of Platinum, Gold, Silver, Tin and Bronze Medals awarded by the Superior Commission of Rewards.

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