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A reception center for Moroccans living abroad inaugurated in Beni Mellal

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Following-up the implementation of a partnership agreement signed last February between the Ministry of Moroccans residing abroad and migration affairs and the Council of the Béni Méllal-Khénifra region for the creation of a Reception Center for Moroccans living abroad (MLA) was at the center of a communication meeting held recently at the region's council.

According to the Council of the region, this project is part of a national strategy set for the Moroccan diaspora. Speaking on the occasion, the President of the region, Brahim Moujahid, recalled the objectives of the convention, stressing the importance of setting up a reception center able of offering several services for MLA, particularly those who are originally from the region.

The Beni Mellal-Khenifra region's wali, Mohamed Derdouri, stated this initiative is going to be the first of its kind providing investment and social support.

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