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«World Para Athletics» in London : Benibrahim sets a new world record

Youssef Benibrahim wins a gold medal at the London World Para Athletics./Ph. DR
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The Moroccan athlete Youssef Benibrahim set a new world record for the 5,000m (T13) on Sunday at the World Para Athletics World Championships organized in London from the 14th to the 23rd of July.

Benibrahim, who offered Morocco his second gold medal at the World Para Athletics Championships, finished the race in 14min 20 sec.69 ahead of his Tunisian rival Aloui Bilel (14: 21.69) and Canadian competitor Ouellet Guillaume (14: 23.24).

Morocco is taking part of the world championships in London with a team of 14 athletes. It includes, besides Benibrahim, Sanaa Benhama, Saida Amoudi, Nezha El Baraka, Hayat El Garaa, Youssra Karim, Mohamed Amguoun, Amin El Chentouf, Mehdi Afri, Hafid Aharak, Mohamed Khatabou, Taoufik Mhaidi, Azeddine Nouiri and Nabil Rahali Omari.

These athletes, who will participate to several events, are accompanied by the president of the Royal Moroccan Sports Federation for Persons with Disabilities (FRMSPH), Hamid El Aouni and a technical, medical and administrative staff.

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