Said Chaou granted provisional release and forced to wear an ankle bracelet

The Dutch authorities grant Said Chaou provisional release but has to wear an ankle bracelet./Ph. DR
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The hearing of the infamous Said Chaou, a Riffian-Dutch former MP who was accused of drug trafficking, is scheduled for the 26th of September 2017. The date was revealed on Wednesday in a statement issued by the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, Le Desk reports.

As mentioned before, the accused is arrested for «drug trafficking, corruption an organized crime». According to the same source, the Zeeland-West-Brabant court decided to suspend Chaou’s extradition«following strict conditions” by forcing him to wear «an electronic bracelet» However, «the extradition procedure is not yet closed and will be carried out».

The Ministry of Justice said on Wednesday that it was aware of the statement issued by the Dutch authorities which granted provisional release to the so-called Said Chaou after he was detained for three weeks. Similarly, the Ministry’s communiqué reported by MAP news agency indicated that the step taken by the Dutch authorities is a measure that is mostly applied by global legislations, including the Moroccan one.

For the record, the Netherlands announced on the 29th of June the arrest of Said Chaou following a extradition warrants issued by the Moroccan authorities. Previously, the Dutch authorities have refused to execute the demands of Morocco to extradite Chaou, which culminated into a diplomatic crisis on 23rd of June when the Kingdom recalled its ambassador in the Netherlands.

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