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A Moroccan national arrested after stabbing a Spanish policeman near Beni Ansar

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A man was arrested on Tuesday for attacking a Spanish policeman next to the Beni Ansar border crossing, AFP reports. The suspect was shouting «Allahu Akbar» when he tried to stab the policeman.

«A man entered the border post and once inside, pulled out a large knife and confronted (police) shouting ‘Allahu Akbar', slightly injuring a policeman», Irene Flores, spokeswoman for the central government’s representative office in Melilla, told the French news agency.

The assailant, who is believed to be Moroccan, was immediately arrested by the police. For the record, Europe has witnessed one of the deadliest attacks in March 2004. An Al Qaeda militant killed 191 after bombing a train in Madrid.

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