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An ex-Gitmo deported from Morocco for carrying a fake passport

Abu Wa’el Dhiab, an ex-Gitmo deported from Morocco./Ph. Matilde Campodonico, Associated Press
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Abu Wa’el Dhiab, a Syrian national who was previously detained in Guantanamo has been deported from Morocco back to Uruguay, Washington post reports today. The ex-Gitmo who was resettled in the Uruguay after being released arrived to the country on Saturday after being expelled for carrying a false passport.

«Dhiab declared that he wanted to travel to Turkey, but when he made a stop in Morocco and tried to leave the airport, they caught him with a fake Tunisian passport,» Uruguayan police chief Mario Layera told The Associated Press on Monday, according to the same source.

«Dhiab said the passport was given to him by his family, but he declined to say where or how they got it to him», she stated. Dhiab’s deportation was surprising as the Uruguayan authorities did not know that he left the country.

Dhiab was unhappy about living in the South American country. He got famous for starting a hunger strike in order to leave Uruguay. Washington post indicated that it was not how he ended up in Morocco.

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