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Central Africa : Two Moroccan peacekeepers killed in Bangassou

Two Moroccan UN peacekeepers killen in Central Africa./Ph. DR
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Two Moroccan UN peacekeepers were killed on Thursday in an attack southeastern Central Africa report the French news agency quoting the MINUSCO.

«The MINUSCA (peacekeeping mission) regrets to announce the deaths of two more blue helmets yesterday afternoon in Bangassou», stated the mission in a statement, explaining that the two Moroccan soldiers «were killed in an ambush by suspected anti-Balaka fighters, while another peacekeepers was slightly injured».

The incident comes only two day after another  Moroccan peacekeeper was killed on Sunday in southeastern Bangassou, Central Africa.

During the attack, a Moroccan peacekeeper died and three others were wounded. The ambush «took place while the Moroccan peacekeepers were escorting water tankers to the river to help resupply the village», the MINUSCA said on Sunday sending «condolences to the family, the people and the government of Morocco».

On the 13th of May, two Moroccan peacekeepers were killed in an anti-Balaka attack in Bangassou. On the 8th of the same month two other Moroccan peacekeepers were killed when a MINUSCA convoy was attacked in eastern Bangui. In January, two other peacekeepers from Morocco died in an armed attack.

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