Gibraltar : Seven Moroccan nationals put in jail for having no permit of residence

Seven Moroccan nationals put in jail in Gibraltar for having no permit of residence./Ph. DR
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Seven Moroccan nationals, including four who are still teenagers aged between 15 and 17 years old, were rescued on Friday 28th of July, by the Gibraltar Pilot’s launch in an attempt to swim reaching the Spanish soil, the Gibraltar Chronicle reports.

According to the same source, the seven Moroccans, who used to live in Casablanca, were put in prison by the Magistrates Court in Gibraltar yesterday for being «non-Gibraltarians in Gibraltar without a valid permit of residence».

The teenagers were remanded in the Windmill Hill prison. On the other hand their lawyer, Patrick Canessa has told the court that the four teenagers «had gone through traumatic experience having been transported from Morocco by an eighth person who was supposed to take them to Spain».

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