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67 Sub-Saharan migrants forced their way into Ceuta

Sub-Saharan migrants listening to a police officer after crossing the border entering Ceuta on the 1st of August 2017./Ph. Jesus Moron. Reuters
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67 Sub-Saharan migrants have forced their way into Ceuta on Tuesday morning, the Spanish Civil Guard and Red Cross said as reported by RT. The same source announced that 14 of them were injured when trying to enter the city.

200 sub-Saharans have crossed the 60-meter fence at around 5: 30 today, 67 of them managed to enter while the rest failed to make it to Ceuta. According to the Spanish Red Cross 14 migrants were hospitalized as they were suffering from «cuts and fractures».

On the other hand, the Civil Guard declared that three of its agents were injured as sub-Saharans used «violence to deter agents from approaching, using stones, sticks, and cutting tools».

For the record, The Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie and the Spanish Guardia Civil stopped on the 4th of July 800 sub-Saharan migrants from forcing their way into Ceuta. There are 300 of them who have managed to reach the border barrier of the city without crossing it.

In May, 300 Sub-Saharan migrants tried to enter Melilla. 100 of them managed to force their way across the 6-meters wire fence making it through to the city at around 5am in the morning.

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