Jbel Irhoud to be classified as an international archaelogical and historical site

Jbel Irhoud, an archaeological site near the city of Safi, Morocco./Ph. DR
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Jbel Irhoud, an archeological site located 50 kilometers southeastern the city of Safi, is set to be classified as an international archaeological and historical site, Xinhua news agency reported on Tuesday quoting local media.

The area got famous during the last couple of months for being home to the world’s oldest homosapien fossils. «The ministry is working to classify Jbel Irhoud among the national and world historical sites, given its certain archeological value for the whole humanity», the same source indicated quoting the Minister of Culture and Communication Mohamed Laaraj.

In June 2017, a group of international scientists discovered fossils of Homo sapiens. The skull found in Jbel Irhoud dates back to 300,000 years before Christ.

The discovery was a marking event in the history of the region and archeology in general.

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