BMCE Bank of Africa : An investment seminar dedicated to Moroccans living abroad in Saidia

BMCE bank of Africa to hold a seminar in Saidia for MLAs./Ph. DR
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The city of Saidia will host on Friday 11th of August, a regional investment seminar by BMCE Bank of Africa dedicated to Moroccans residing abroad (MLA).

Following the success of the 2015 and 2016 editions, BMCE BOA Group is renewing its program of regional investment seminars at the national level. The bank's objectives are to encourage MLAs to invest in Morocco and to sustain economic and financial ties with their country of origin, explain the promoters of this initiative.

The organization of the cycle of meetings for the MLA investors during the last three years was an unmissable summer rendez-vous and opportunity for networking and business. BMCE Bank officials said in a statement that this commitment continues this year through the organization of a series of meetings in several regions in Morocco, indicating that the Saidia stage is the third after those held in Tangier (28th of July) and Agadir (4th of August).

During these meetings, speakers representing different public and private institutions as well as experts in entrepreneurship and taxation participate to the debates. They will answer the questions of the MLA investors on a variety of topics, including money transfer solutions and the development of business leads as well as win-win cooperation with local entities.

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